Photo by Sandro Demelas – New York 2019
Playing at Tribeca Park – New York 2019
Sing For Hope Piano designed by JANE ELISSA
Brooklyn Children’s Museum – New York 2019
SFH Piano designed by Rachel Sousa
Riverside Park – New York 2019
SFH Piano designed by Nick Stavrides
Hillel Plaza Brooklyn – New York 2019
SFH Piano designed by Julia Cocuzza Art
Sorrentino Recreation Center – NYC 2019
SFH Piano designed by Allison Gildersleeve
Rockaway Park – New York 2019
SFH Piano designed by Diane Tonelli

Get to Know Fabio

Hello everyone, i’m Fabio and my artist name is Pianist Without Borders, here below something about me, thank you.

Italian-born Fabio Tedde was musically inspired from a very young age. His formative years were spent watching and learning from his father Mario Tedde, a renowned pianist and accomplished composer, on the picturesque island of Sardinia. Fabio’s appetite and passion for world music fuelled his worldwide travels and he often found himself in far-away lands completely immersed in their musical styles and culture.

His travels brought him to London in May 2001.Pianist, Musician and Composer, Fabio has led an active career as a Soloist and Musician in several bands. Also, as Composer of numerous pieces that are influenced by modern classical, easy listening, new age, oriental, romantic and melodic music.

As pianist of the Mimitah Band from Congo (2009/2011), on several occasions Fabio played at the Double Club, The Tabernacle and also at private African events. He also performed: Throughout California, Arizona, Nevada, with appearances in major North American cities including New York, Boston, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Throughout many European countries including United kingdom, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, The Netherlands, Hungary, Luxembourg, Scotland, Cyprus, Switzerland and France , Fabio also travelled often to Africa, visiting South Africa, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Senegal, Mali, Egypt , Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda , Tanzania & Zanzibar .

Fabio has attracted public attention thanks to his ability to improvise on the spot His music reflects his encounters with cultures around the world.As a soloist, Fabio toured the World performing in 1026 different locations following many street pianos public events around the globe.

Fabio live’s and recorded broadcast performances include:His composition Why Fighting on Brooklands Radio. Fabio composition Equality at Emmanuel Ray TV Show. Previous recordings: First Solo CD, 2006 – Dream With Me. Label: Mixnutz Studios. Second Solo CD, 2008 – Place For Everyone – Label: Classical Recording. Third Solo CD, 2015 -“Improvisation” Volume 001 – Label: Jacob Private Studios.

In October 2016 , Fabio performed with band, ElBorn in New York at the Living Room. Other collaborations have included performances with numerous great musicians including Modou Toure, Dramane Konate,, Yacouba Diabate, Paolo Forcellati, Kassoum Diarra, Olivier Tarpaga, Achille Tarpaga, Alai Sanfo, Leandro Bartorelli, Luca Pachetti, Claudio Fabiani, Mamoudou Konate, Mimitah Okako Bofando, Michael Searl, Tama, Alex Dayo, Borek Smekal, Samuele Rossini, Katerina Kourentzi, Labros Kounenis and many others Over the years, Fabio has also performed in many different charity events around London including Street Child / Sierra Leone Marathon Party aboard HMS President , in 2012 Inspiring Edge Charity Fashion show at Camden Centre 2013 City Gateway, 15th Anniversary Crystal Gala (Fundraising Event) 2015 , Fabio also performed in many others Venues in London including Corus Hotel between 2011-2018 , The Waldorf Hilton Hotel , The Hilton Hotel , The Collection Club , Guildhall London, The Troubadour , The Green Room Actors Club, Chelsea Art Club, The Yacht Club , Excel Exhibition Centre, Beauty & Melody beauty Salon etc. etc.

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