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Happy Eggs Photoshoot – London

One day around 2am I went to the kitchen and I noticed that my flatmates bought lots of eggs during the lockdown , approximately 45 eggs, so I decided to decorated all of them with happy faces and then I took this amazing photoshoot , they did looked happy and it went all well a…

Triceratops skeleton found in London , U.K.

ToysActors found 65-million-year-old Triceratops skeleton still intact in North London. … Toys actors students with an emphasis in ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Walthamstow , they unearthed the skeleton while on a paleontology dig in North London , on 18th April 2020 . The giant Triceratops skeleton has been carefully placed on…

Elephants Digital Artworks

Photos / Editing / Music & all digital artworks created by: Pianist Without Borders Special thanks to my Toy Actors Elephants that I found in charity shops , first I took photos of them then i created many different artworks adding filters and others photos taken by me , including olives , leaves , sunsets…

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