London U.K. – Public Pianos Event – 2009

Presented for the City of London Festival and Sing London, 30 street pianos were installed on streets, in public squares and parks, train stations, and markets. Like a creative blank canvas, the pianos were there for any member of the public to play and engage with. The pianos were in place for three weeks, after which time they were donated to local schools andContinue reading “London U.K. – Public Pianos Event – 2009”

Triceratops skeleton found in London , U.K.

ToysActors found 65-million-year-old Triceratops skeleton still intact in North London. … Toys actors students with an emphasis in ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Walthamstow , they unearthed the skeleton while on a paleontology dig in North London , on 18th April 2020 . The giant Triceratops skeleton has been carefully placed onContinue reading “Triceratops skeleton found in London , U.K.”