Lincoln Center – New York – 2019

New York is an incredible city and each summer I always visit few weeks just to play the public pianos installed by Sing For Hope Charity , usually they provide 50 designed pianos and they place them all in public spaces , this Blog here is dedicated to the Piano designed by super Artist RobertContinue reading “Lincoln Center – New York – 2019”

Nijmegen, The Netherlands – Public Pianos Event – 2015

In 2015 I visited for the second time the beautiful town of Nijmegen in The Netherlands, my friend musician, singer and songwriter Rhea Elise invited me to enjoy the public pianos placed in her town, so this is what Rhea said about this beautiful event: Our project was called Playing outside (Buiten spelen in Dutch)Continue reading “Nijmegen, The Netherlands – Public Pianos Event – 2015”

Nicosia, Cyprus – Public Pianos – 2014

The Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus and Avantgarde Cultural Foundation presented Play Me, I’m Yours from 17 – 26 October 2014. 10 street pianos, decorated by renowned local artists, were located in parks, squares and other public spaces in Nicosia for anyone to play and enjoy. The Nicosia 2014 Street Pianos have beenContinue reading “Nicosia, Cyprus – Public Pianos – 2014”

Munich , Germany – Public Pianos – 2014

I had an amazing time in Munich and I will never forget the incredible beautiful moving piano decorated by Florian Fuchs , each piano was fantastic to play on it but mostly the people I met and the incredible moments we had all together playing, singing, listening others, those memories will be forever in my heartContinue reading “Munich , Germany – Public Pianos – 2014”