Nijmegen, The Netherlands – Public Pianos Event – 2015

In 2015 I visited for the second time the beautiful town of Nijmegen in The Netherlands, my friend musician, singer and songwriter Rhea Elise invited me to enjoy the public pianos placed in her town, so this is what Rhea said about this beautiful event: Our project was called Playing outside (Buiten spelen in Dutch) and started in 2014. We had several public piano projects, including pianos at trains stations. We were financially supported by the municipality and private donations. It was a lot to organize and over the years, it remained difficult to find volunteers, so after four years I organized the last big project in 2017 and now, only one piano in a public parking garage remains. Other organizations continued with the pianos at the train station, but there are no outdoor (“open air”) piano projects anymore, so we hope another organization will pick that up because people really enjoyed the public pianos and asked when they would return more than once This playlist contains over a hundred videos of people playing at our pianos. Nijmegen Public Pianos Videos

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